Paint It Black- Paradise

Paint It Black- Paradise

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Label: Jade Tree

Reissued 3/6/20

Limited clear vinyl LP pressing. Paradise is the second full-length album from Philadelphia-based hardcore punk band Paint It Black, which followed up the band's debut LP from 2003, CVA. Originally released in 2005, the album features a more melodic hardcore sound than previous releases from the band, and was met with a slightly more positive critical reception than CVA.

Track Listing:

  1. Election Day
  2. Pink Slip
  3. Exit Wounds
  4. Ghosts
  5. The New Brutality
  6. Athiests in Foxholes
  7. Nicaragua
  8. Labor Day
  9. Burn the Hive
  10. Panic
  11. Angel
  12. The Pharmacist
  13. 365
  14. Memorial Day