Painted Shield- Painted Shield

Painted Shield- Painted Shield

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Label: Loosegroove, Inc.

Released 3/19/21

Painted Shield is a brand new band that was formed by Pearl Jam guitarist/songwriter Stone Gossard & singer/songwriter Mason Jennings. The band will be releasing their debut album in 2020 on newly reformed Loosegroove Records (owned by Stone Gossad). This will be the only physical version initially. It will include a bonus 7" of tracks not on the album.

Track Listing:

  1. Orphan Ghost 3:23
  2. Time Machine 2:58
  3. Knife Fight 2:55
  4. Ten Years From Now 4:54
  5. On The Level 4:27
  6. I Am Your Country 2:53
  7. Evil Winds 3:30
  8. Painted Shield 5:48
  9. Raven 3:53