Pale Fountains- Longshot For Your Love

Pale Fountains- Longshot For Your Love

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Label: Marina

Reissued 2020, Originally released 1998

New enhanced, remastered vinyl edition of the long-deleted, much sought-after Pale Fountains compilation originally released in 1998, Longshot For Your Love , covering the band's early years from 1982 to 1984. Longshot For Your Love is a collection of rarities, radio sessions, and previously unreleased tracks by Liverpool's second best band ever, fronted by Michael Head (" Our greatest living songwriter " --NME). Seven cuts are released here for the first time ever including the superb John Peel and Old Grey Whistle Test BBC Sessions ('82/'83). The album comes with enhanced artwork, in a beautiful gatefold cover plus inner sleeve featuring lots of unseen band photos and extensive liner notes by former Pale Fountains manager, Patrick Moore . Limited to 900 copies.

Track listing:

  1. Just A Girl
  2. (There's Always) Something On My Mind
  3. Lavinia's Dream
  4. Longshot For Your Love
  5. Thank You
  6. The Norfolk Broads
  7. Benoit's Christmas
  8. Hey There Fred
  9. Palm Of My Hand
  10. Free
  11. We Have All The Time In The World
  12. Just A Girl
  13. Love Situation