Paul McCartney- Venus And Mars
Paul McCartney- Venus And Mars

Paul McCartney- Venus And Mars

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Label: Capitol

Reissued 2014, Originally released 1975

Venus and Mars is the fourth studio album by Wings. Released in 1975 as the follow-up to the successful Band on the Run, Venus and Mars continued Wings' string of success and would prove a springboard for a year-long worldwide tour. It was Paul McCartney's first post-Beatles album to be released worldwide on the Capitol Records label. After recording Band on the Run (1973) as a three-piece with wife Linda and guitarist Denny Laine, McCartney added Jimmy McCulloch on lead guitar and Joe English on drums to the Wings line-up. Album sessions proved to be productive, not only finishing the entire album, but also several additional songs, including future McCartney B-sides. McCartney also decided to link the songs together much like the Beatles had on Abbey Road to give the album a more continuous feel. Wings' interpretation of the theme to Crossroads, a British soap opera, was sometimes used to end the show in place of the regular theme tune, usually when there was a cliffhanger ending with a hint of sadness involved.

Track listing:

  1. Venus and Mars 1:19
  2. Rock Show 5:33
  3. Love in Song 3:04
  4. You Gave Me the Answer 2:15
  5. Magneto and Titanium Man 3:16
  6. Letting Go 4:32
  7. Venus and Mars (Reprise) 2:06
  8. Spirits of Ancient Egypt 2:59
  9. Medicine Jar 3:37
  10. Call Me Back Again 4:59
  11. Listen to What the Man Said 4:00
  12. Treat Her Gently - Lonely Old People 4:20
  13. Crossroads 1:03