Pere Ubu- Terminal Tower: An Archival Collection

Pere Ubu- Terminal Tower: An Archival Collection

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Label: Varese Sarabande

Reissued 7/27/18, originally released 1985

Terminal Tower: An Archival Collection is a compilation album by post punk band Pere Ubu. Released in 1985, the album compiles several of the band's early singles and B-sides, including the Hearthan singles recorded with founder Peter Laughner that were initially compiled on the Datapanik in Year Zero EP, and continuing through later sides recorded with Mayo Thompson. Terminal Tower is #23 on Rolling Stone's Top 40 Punk Albums of all-time and one of the only remaining punk rock gems yet to return to vinyl. This set is long out of print in both CD and LP and interestingly has never been released digitally. Releasing 16 albums over a 40+ year career and continuously helmed by singer/songwriter, David Thomas, the band has been one of the foundations of avant garde and punk rock in the U.S. and overseas.

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