Peter Murphy- Love Hysteria

Peter Murphy- Love Hysteria

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Label: Beggars

Reissued 4/9/2021, Originally released 1988

Love Hysteria was produced by Simon Rogers, who at the time was also playing with The Fall. It contains eight songs written by Peter with Paul Statham, plus a cover of Iggy Pop’s “Funtime”. Record Collector said that the album’s songs “All Night Long, Indigo Eyes, Dragnet Drag and Blind Sublime managed to combine direct rock power with Murphy’s vocal gymnastics and imaginative way with lyrics.”

Track listing:

  1. All Night Long
  2. His Circle and Hers Meet
  3. Dragnet Drag
  4. Socrates the Python
  5. Indigo Eyes
  6. Time Has Got Nothing to Do with It
  7. Blind Sublime
  8. My Last Two Weeks
  9. Funtime