Phantogram- Ceremony

Phantogram- Ceremony

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Label: Republic

Released 3/6/20

Lauded as an experimental, alternative band that's never been married to one genre, Phantogram-comprised of lifelong friends Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel-challenge the zeitgeist with their signature blend of hard-hitting beats, guitar-driven dark psychedelia and electronic pop. Their fourth studio album, Ceremony, marks a rebirth and embodies a dark but hopeful chapter for the duo. Features recent singles "In A Spiral" and "Into Happiness".

Track Listing:

  1. Dear God
  2. In a Spiral
  3. Into Happiness
  4. Pedestal
  5. Love Me Now
  6. Let Me Down
  7. News Today
  8. Mister Impossible
  9. Glowing
  10. Gaunt Kids
  11. Ceremony