Phish- Round Room
Phish- Round Room

Phish- Round Room

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Label: Jemp

Reissued 2/2/2024, Originally released 2002

Double 180gm colored vinyl LP pressing housed in gatefold jacket. Round Room was recorded at The Barn in Vermont by Bryce Goggin during four days over two weekends in October 2002. The songs were written mainly by Trey Anastasio and Tom Marshall, with the title track and "Mock Song" by Mike Gordon. The Round Room sessions were initially intended as rehearsals for the band's upcoming end-of-hiatus new year's eve show at Madison Square Garden, giving the recording a loose, live feel with several extended tracks like "Pebbles And Marbles", "Seven Below", "Walls Of The Cave", and "Waves". The album was originally mastered by Fred Kevorkian and released by Elektra December 10, 2002. Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman mastering cut the lacquers for the 2024 vinyl.

Track listing:

  1. Pebbles and Marbles
  2. Anything But Me
  3. Round Room
  4. Mexican Cousin
  5. Friday
  6. Seven Below
  7. Mock Song
  8. 46 Days
  9. All of These Dreams
  10. Walls of the Cave
  11. Thunderhead
  12. Waves