Pig Destroyer- Head Cage

Pig Destroyer- Head Cage

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Label: Relapse

Released 2018

Sixth album from the highly lethal Pig Destroyer. On Head Cage enact their brand of grindcore in an incredibly precise and hypnotic fashion. As a unit they are absolutely undefeated. Lyricist JR Hayes takes out his frustration on the darker aspects of our world, but I'm not sure what the band's problem with our snout-having earth-mates is. Pig Destroyer

Track listing:

  1. Tunnel Under The Tracks 
  2. Dark Train 
  3. Army Of Cops
  4. Circle River 
  5. The Torture Fields 
  6. Terminal Itch
  7. Concrete Beast
  8. The Adventures Of Jason And JR
  9. Mt. Skull 
  10. Trap Door Man 
  11. The Last Song
  12. House Of Snakes