Pilau- Pressure

Pilau- Pressure

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Label: Council

Released 10/6/2023

With a pedigree that includes ex-members of Magrudergrind, Dawntreader, and Enemy Soil, and a co-host of The Hard Time’s podcast “Up the Blunx,” Pilau plays blastbeat-infused hardcore from Washington, D.C. Pilau sings sometimes wittily, but always aggressively about the injustices of modern life in downtuned, intense, short songs. 6-song 7" available tomorrow digitally and for pre-order (300 copies, white vinyl). Released with Capsule Records.  (Council Records #33.5)

Track listing:

  1. Decay
  2. Expectation
  3. Ultimate Demise
  4. Decimated
  5. In A Void
  6. Desultory