Pink Mountaintops- Get Back

Pink Mountaintops- Get Back

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Label: Jagjaguwar

Released 2014

The "trippy country meets stoner rock" of Vancouver's PINK MOUNTAINTOPS is the brainchild of Stephen McBean, who is also the singer/songwriter/guitarist for BLACK MOUNTAIN, which was formerly known as JERK WITH A BOMB. McBean's solo project was also known by another name, ONE EASY SKAG He began playing with JERK WITH A BOMB in the late '90s, and the band issued three albums and a 7" under that name. By late 2003, both Jerk with a Bomb and One Easy Skag were rechristened with their mountainous names, and in the summer of 2004, PINK MOUNTAINTOPS self-titled debut album arrived. While the album became one of 2005's most prominent indie rock releases, McBean brought Pink Mountaintops back the following year with Axis of Evol. The well-received Outside Love arrived in 2009, followed by a pair of Black Mountain releases (In the Future and Wilderness Heart). The group's fourth studio album, Get Back, dropped in early 2014.

Track Listing:

  1. Ambulance City
  2. The Second Summer of Love
  3. Through All the Worry
  4. Wheels
  5. Sell Your Soul
  6. North Hollywood Microwaves
  7. Sixteen
  8. New Teenage Mutilation
  9. Shakedown
  10. The Last Dance