Pissed Jeans- Honeys

Pissed Jeans- Honeys

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Label: Sub Pop

Released 2013

Age and four full-lengths haven't mellowed Pissed Jeans; they can still unleash a blare that will exfoliate your cochlea. Formed in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Pissed Jeans released Shallow, their first album, in 2005. After relocating to Philadelphia and signing to Sub Pop, they released Hope for Men in 2007, and then King of Jeans in 2009. Honeys recorded by Grammy nominee Alex Newport - is an ode to the misery and shackles of being a responsible adult, and the shame of one's own narcissism. Pissed Jeans trucks in menacing songs about insecurity, and nobody has ever done it better.

Track listings:

  1. Bathroom Laughter
  2. Chain Worker
  3. Romanticize Me
  4. Vain in Costume
  5. You're Different (In Person)
  6. Cafeteria Food
  7. Something About Mrs. Johnson
  8. Male Gaze
  9. Cathouse
  10. Loubs
  11. Health Plan
  12. Teenage Adult