Planes Mistaken For Stars- Mercy

Planes Mistaken For Stars- Mercy

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Label: Deathwish

Reissued 7/10/15

The story of PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS begins within the confines of a paltry Midwestern town in Illinois called Peoria. Peoria, only hours away from big city living in Chicago, was culture starved and nothing like the northern city by the lake. It was this very atmosphere that fueled the raw, somber and fervent songs that PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS would ultimately become so well known for. Formerly on the emo lighthouse Deep Elm and then landing on the fiercely independent No Idea, PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS have come a long way since those early day as they are now the cusp of releasing their Abacus debut Mercy. The band's appeal crosses genre divides, often shows have as many metal heads and hardcore fans as emo fans requesting material from early in the band's career. Produced by Matt Bayles (MASTODON, MINUS THE BEAR etc.), Mercy is another step forward in the progression of a band who challenges themselves along the path of life.

Track Listing:

  1. One F***ed Pony
  2. Crooked Mile
  3. Widow: A Love Song
  4. Keep Your Teeth
  5. To Spit a Sparrow
  6. Never Felt Prettier
  7. Killed By Killers Who Will Kill Each Other
  8. Little Death
  9. Church Date
  10. Mercy
  11. Penitence