Poets Of Rhythm- Discern / Define

Poets Of Rhythm- Discern / Define

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Label: Daptone

Reissued 8/13/2021, Originally released 1991

Celebrating the album's 20th Anniversary, Daptone Records is pleased to present the first vinyl reissue of The Poets of Rhythm's galactic, funky masterpiece, Discern / Define. As pioneers in the burgeoning modern funk scene of the '90s The Poets of Rhythm created new standards, transcending the parameters lesser groups were defined by. With Discern / Define the Poets took their brand of classic funk to the next level by blending elements of rock, psychedelia, afro-beat, jazz and heavy, heavy drums to create a wholly original brand of transcendent, funky soul.

Track listing:

  1. Discern / Define
  2. Smilin' (While You're Crying)
  3. Ham Gallery
  4. Plus Plus
  5. We
  6. The Jaunt
  7. Fondle Rock
  8. Moira
  9. Smilin' (While You're Crying) (Instrumental)
  10. Guiding Resolution
  11. Survival Of The Freshest
  12. Eulogize The Source