Poison Idea- The Beast Goes East

Poison Idea- The Beast Goes East

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Label: TKO / American

Released 12/17/2021

For the first time ever, TKO Records and American Leather are proud to present THEE definitive audio and visual document of Poison Idea's historic 1990 North American tour - "The Beast Goes East." Sourced directly from the house engineer's cassette, "The Beast Goes East" captures a raw, blistering performance from the Kings Of Punk, just months before the release of their 1990 masterpiece "Feel The Darkness." "The Beast Goes East" is presented in a deluxe gatefold jacket designed by John Yates in his signature "punk-note" style, with liner notes from Tony Rettman (who was in the audience that night). LP includes a 20-page booklet and an 11.5" x 22" poster.

Track listing:

  1. Hangover Heartattack
  2. Lifestyles
  3. Just To Get Away
  4. Made To Be Broken
  5. AA
  6. Rubber Husband
  7. Nation Of Finks
  8. Ballad Of A Pre-Op
  9. Discontent
  10. Typical
  11. Kick Out The Jams
  12. Sweet Home Pretty Vacant
  13. Cop An Attitude