Radio Broadcast- Gunsmoke: Land Deal/Photographer

Radio Broadcast- Gunsmoke: Land Deal/Photographer

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Label: Golden Age

GUNSMOKE was first broadcast in 1952. The cast was headed by William Conrad who portrayed Dodge City's Marshall Matt Dillon as a hard man, living a harder life according to his own personal code of honor.

Happy endings and nick-of-time rescues were rare in those unique dramatic presentations. More often the audience thrilled to a bloody showdown where even Marshall Dillon got his come-uppance every once in a while.

GUNSMOKE achieved a sophistication in the use of sound effects that has rarely been duplicated and relied heavily on the sound pictures these effects so artfully drew to tell their listeners where the action was taking place.

Saddle up and ride along, now, as Marshall Matt Dillon brings law and order to Dodge City in two action-packed stories.

Track Listing:

  1. The Photographer
  2. Land Deal