Red Hot Chili Peppers- Stadium Arcadium

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Stadium Arcadium

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Label: Warner Records

Reissued 2020, Originally released 2006

4 x LP re-pressing of their. Anthony Kiedis said at the time, 'the best thing that we've ever done'. There's this weird kind of sublime, subliminal undercurrent that is suggestive, in a spirited way, of our earliest records. Exuding all the passion, energy and funked-up rock that have made the Red Hot Chili Peppers one of the most popular bands in history, the 4 LP Stadium Arcadium, simply put, will knock your socks off.

Track listing:


  1. Dani California
  2. Snow ((Hey Oh))
  3. Charlie
  4. Stadium Arcadium
  5. Hump De Bump
  6. She's Only 18
  7. Slow Cheetah
  8. Torture Me
  9. Strip My Mind
  10. Especially In Michigan
  11. Warlocks
  12. C'mon Girl
  13. Wet Sand
  14. Hey 


  1. Desecration Smile 
  2. Tell Me Baby 
  3. Hard To Concentrate 
  4. 21st Century 
  5. She Looks To Me 
  6. Readymade 
  7. If 
  8. Make You Feel Better 
  9. Animal Bar 
  10. So Much I 
  11. Storm In A Teacup 
  12. We Believe 
  13. Turn It Again 
  14. Death Of A Martian