Red Lorry Yellow Lorry- Smashed Hits

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry- Smashed Hits

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Label: Drastic Plastic

Reissued 2010, originally released 1988

Smashed Hits is a collection of the finest tracks from their early releases. This document gathers the best examples of the band's crisp, repetitive guitar driven pop overlaid with front man Chris Reed's deep, baritone vocal delivery. Similar to proto-gothic peers the Sisters of Mercy, they distinguish themselves by creating music less self-conscious of it's dark motifs, more focused on simple melodies, and driven by it's rhythms and personal themes, an essay of abstract sound that's surprisingly danceable. Limited edition of 1000 1/2 Red & 1/2 Yellow opaque vinyl copies.

Track Listing:

  1. Beating My Head
  2. Take It All
  3. He’s Read
  4. Hollow Eyes
  5. Monkeys On Juice
  6. Generation
  7. Spinning Round
  8. Hold Yourself Down  
  9. Cut Down
  10. Chance