Redd Kross- Born Innocent

Redd Kross- Born Innocent

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Label: Frontier

Reissued 2022, Originally released 1982

"Born Innocent is the first studio album by Red Cross (later known as Redd Kross), released in 1982 on Smoke 7 Records. The record was produced by Smoke 7 owner, Felix Alanis, who was also the lead singer of RF7."

Track listing:

  1. Linda Blair
  2. White Trash
  3. Everyday There's Someone New
  4. Solid Gold
  5. Burn-Out
  6. Charlie
  7. Tatum O'Tot and the Fried Vegetables
  8. St. Lita Ford Blues
  9. Self Respect
  10. Pseudo-Intellectual
  11. Kill Someone You Hate
  12. Look on Up at the Bottom
  13. Cellulite City
  14. I'm Alright
  15. Cease to Exist
  16. Notes and Chords Mean Nothing to Me