Reggie and the Full Effect- Greatest Hits '84-'87

Reggie and the Full Effect- Greatest Hits '84-'87

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Label: Reggie

Reissued 4/19/19

Reggie and the Full Effect's not-at-all accurately titled 1999 debut album Greatest Hits '84 - '87 makes a triumphant return to vinyl in a colored LP edition with three songs never released on the format after nearly two decades of being out-of-print! Greatest Hits '84-'87 is comprised of equal elements of gut-wrenching music, pop sensibilities, humorous respites and vocal harmonies no drummer should have the right to sing, and keyboards, lots of keyboards. The rest of Greatest Hits '84-'87 follows this effective thread: brilliantly simplistic emotional pop-punk songs inter-cut with humorous insanity to break up the pace, occasionally retreating into more brooding, introspective moments before re-emerging stronger and more irreverent than ever. The remarkable aspect of Greatest Hits '84-'87 is that while it never takes itself seriously, it still possesses the pathos, energy and honesty to balance it's humorous nature.

Track Listing:

  1. Drunk Guy at the Get Up Kids Show 0:07
  2. Girl, Why'd You Run Away? 2:31
  3. Fiona Apple Can Kiss My Black Ass 0:05
  4. What's Wrong 3:36
  5. Props to Tha Queen of Pop A.K.A. Keep on Climbin' That Velvet Rope Baby 0:06
  6. Your Girlfriends Hate Me 2:25
  7. Megan Is My Friend to the Max 3:08
  8. My Dad - Happy Chickens (Kirksta Party to Go Mix) 0:21
  9. Another Runaway Song 3:36
  10. Drunk Guy Talks Chemicals to Us at the Get Up Kids Show 0:27
  11. Your Boyfriend Hates Me 3:26
  12. Pick Up the Phone Master P 0:20
  13. Where's Your Heart 3:02
  14. Get to the Choppa! 0:14
  15. Better for You 7:28
  16. Everything's Okay 2:12
  17. Just a Reminder 0:05
  18. Brandi's Birthday Song 2:29