Remember Sports- Like a Stone

Remember Sports- Like a Stone

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Label: Father/Daughter

Released 4/23/2021

When they formed as a group of Kenyon College students in 2012, Remember Sports was a self-categorized "basement rock band." Despite their almost-incidental formation, the band's electrifying pop punk bonafides and the inimitable vocals of front-person and primary songwriter Carmen Perry found them quickly acclaimed, and their DIY debut album led to a deal with Father/Daughter Records, who released their second. But after a 2015 lineup shift, name change, and move to Philly, it became hard to imagine Remember Sports relegated to the basement from whence they came. Like a Stone, the result of that work, contains some of the smartest performances and arrangements in contemporary indie rock, maintaining the warmth and immediacy that made the quartet so beloved when they first connected to one another years ago

Track listing:

  1. Pinky Ring
  2. Coffee Machine
  3. Sentimentality
  4. Easy
  5. Eggs
  6. Materialistic
  7. Like a Stone
  8. Clock
  9. Falling Awake
  10. Flossie Dickie
  11. Out Loud
  12. Odds Are