Reverend Horton Heat- The Full Custom Gospel Sounds Of...

Reverend Horton Heat- The Full Custom Gospel Sounds Of...

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Label: Sub Pop

Reissued 9/9/2022, Originally released 1993

Sub Pop is excitedly, finally repressing vinyl versions of three scorching '90s psychobilly classics by Reverend Horton Heat. All three have been out of print on vinyl since the mid-'90s, with original pressings going for considerable amounts at the ol' junk shop. 1993's The Full Custom Gospel Sounds of... stepped things up a bit, with fuller production by fellow Texan Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers. In addition to the hilarious "Bales of Cocaine," Full Custom... features the furious "400 Bucks," the atmospheric creeper "The Devil's Chasing Me," and "Wiggle Stick." On seeing the video for the latter, Beavis declared, accurately, "Yes! This guy RULES!" while Butthead agreed, "Yeah... this guy ROCKS! ROCKS!!"

Track listing:

  1. Wiggle Stick
  2. 400 Bucks
  3. The Devil's Chasing Me
  4. Livin' on the Edge (Of Houston)
  5. You Can't Get Away from Me
  6. Beer:30
  7. Big Little Baby
  8. Lonesome Train Whistle
  9. Bales of Cocaine
  10. Loaded Gun
  11. Nurture My Pig!
  12. Gin and Tonic Blues