Rocket From The Crypt- Group Sounds

Rocket From The Crypt- Group Sounds

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Label: Vagrant

Reissued 4/15/2022, Originally released 2001

Vagrant Records continues their 25th Anniversary celebration with a colored vinyl LP reissue of Rocket from the Crypt's Group Sounds. Rocket from the Crypt's ninth full-length album and debut for Vagrant, Group Sounds was originally issued in 2001 and features 13 blasts of the most explosive and dense rock & roll ever committed to tape. The new "Wall of Sound" is erected only to be kicked over. Bricks continuously toppling over without mercy. Passionately out of control and adventurously violent. Past promises are made good and old allegiances are unapologetically broken. These are the Group Sounds. The perfect combination of everything you could ever want.

Track listing:

  1. Straight American Slave
  2. Carne Voodoo
  3. White Belt
  4. Out Of Control
  5. Return Of The Liar
  6. Heart Of A Rat
  7. Venom Venom
  8. Savoir Faire 
  9. S.O.S.
  10. Dead Seeds
  11. This Bad Check Is Gonna Stick
  12. Spitting
  13. Ghost Shark