Rodrigo y Gabriela- Mettavolution Live

Rodrigo y Gabriela- Mettavolution Live

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Label: ATO

Released 10/2/20

While touring in support of their Grammy-winning album Mettavolution, Rodrigo y Gabriela performed the album in full every night at their nearly one hundred shows around the world. Mettavolution Live (also includes new recordings of classic RYG songs) captures a show in Paris at the end of the tour and sees the virtuoso duo operating at the peak of their powers, the perfect balance of melody and metal, fire and finesse, which they have honed over the twenty-plus years of playing together.

Track Listing:

  1. Krotona Days [Live]
  2. Witness Tree [Live]
  3. The Soundmaker [Live]
  4. 11:11 [Live]
  5. Diablo Rojo [Live]
  6. Echoes [Live]
  7. Mettavolution [Live]
  8. Tamacun [Live]
  9. Gabriela Solo [Live]
  10. Electric Soul [Live]
  11. Cumbé [Live]
  12. Hanuman [Live]
  13. Terracentric [Live]