Ryan Hamilton- Haunted By The Holy Ghost

Ryan Hamilton- Haunted By The Holy Ghost

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Label: Wicked Cool

Released 4/28/2023

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Ryan Hamilton releases his studio album Haunted By The Holy Ghost, via Wicked Cool Records. He recorded the album at The Old Cider Press, UK and Ryan's Home Studio in Stephenville, TX. The album comprises 10-track, written by Ryan Hamilton and produced by Dave Draper, featuring guest appearance from Jessie Wagner.

Track listing:

  1. Asshole
  2. Haunted By The Holy Ghost
  3. Overdose
  4. Paper Planes
  5. On The Edge ft. Jessie Wagner
  6. Broke My Heart, Fixed My Vision
  7. Absence Of Love
  8. Yeah, Whatever
  9. Strange Situation
  10. Sad Bastard Song