Saffronkeira & Siavash Amini- The Faded Orbit

Saffronkeira & Siavash Amini- The Faded Orbit

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Label: Denovali

Released 7/15/2022

First collaboration album of the two ambient and electronic sound researchers from Iran and Sardinia. A soundtrack to a false memory.Siavash Amini is a composer from Tehran, Iran. He Has worked with labels like Room40, Hallow Ground, Opal Tapes and Umor Rex for the better half of the past ten years. He has performed at festivals like CTM & MUTEK and many other well known international events. His work ranges from fragile ambient pieces and brittle IDM (incorporating his distinctive style of atmospheric guitar playing) to noisy drones and bleak modern classical pieces. Saffronkeira is the Sardinian sound researcher Eugenio Caria being active in the electronic music scene since almost two decades. His most recent work - a cooperation with the Italian jazz trumpet legend Paolo Fresu - earned a lot of praise from the international music press for the pure timelessness of the album.

Track listing: 

  1. A Lambent Assembly
  2. Concave
  3. Emanation
  4. Kernel
  5. Forgotten Machinations
  6. Sanguineus