Saint Etienne- Finisterre

Saint Etienne- Finisterre

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Label: Heavenly / [Pias]

Reissued 2017, Originally released 2002

This London-themed album sounded like a band manifesto, especially on the title track. It pulls together everything good about their previous albums, with a healthy dose of angular electro (Amateur) with ballads (Stop And Think It Over), and included tracks produced by the Xenomania hit factory (Action, Shower Scene, New Thing).

Track listing:

  1. Action
  2. Amateur
  3. Language Lab
  4. Soft Like Me
  5. Summer Isle
  6. Stop And Think It Over
  7. Shower Scene
  8. The Way We Live Now
  9. New Thing
  10. B92
  11. The More You Know
  12. Finisterre