Sam Cooke- Ain't That Good News

Sam Cooke- Ain't That Good News

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Label: DOL

Reissued 2013

European Import

Ain't That Good News (1964) was the last studio album released in Sam Cooke's lifetime. Features his iconic recording "A Change Is Gonna Come," which has become an anthem for civil rights plus the hit songs "Another Saturday Night," "Ain't That Good News" and "Rome (Wasn't Built in a Day)." "On this LP, two sides of Sam Cooke. The first side, strong and rockin'; the second side, ballads, deep and soulful." -original liner notes.

Track Listing:

  1. Ain't That Good News 2:28
  2. Meet Me At Mary's Place 2:40
  3. Good Times 2:25
  4. Rome Wasn't Built In A Day 2:30
  5. Another Saturday Night 2:27
  6. Tennessee Waltz 3:10
  7. A Change Is Gonna Come 3:10
  8. Falling In Love 2:40
  9. Home 2:27
  10. Sittin' In The Sun 3:12
  11. No Second Time 3:00
  12. The Riddle Song 2:28