Sam Prekop- Comma

Sam Prekop- Comma

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Label: Thrill Jockey

Released 9/11/20

Sam Prekop’s boundless imagination is guided by his strong sense of melody. For more than 25 years, as a solo artist or as part of The Sea and Cake, Prekop creates a singular sound inventive and warm. His distinctive vocals, guitar playing and work on modular analog synthesizers are inventive, delicate, and always bear his signature sense of melody. Comma finds Sam Prekop for the first time working extensively with beat programming, focusing his enveloping synthesizer pieces around a newfound rhythmic pulse.

Track Listing:

  1. Park Line 5:12
  2. Summer Places 3:44
  3. Comma 2:39
  4. September Remember 5:09
  5. The New Last 4:06
  6. Approaching 5:58
  7. Circle Line 3:20
  8. Never Met 4:45
  9. Wax Wing 4:39
  10. Above Our Heads 2:25