Samiam- Stowaway
Samiam- Stowaway

Samiam- Stowaway

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Label: Pure Noise

Released 3/31/2023

Samiam are a post punk/indie rock institution. Forming almost three decades ago, the group moulded their unique style playing early on with bands like Jawbreaker, Seaweed, Green Day and Bad Religion.Over the years, they had mainstream radio play with songs like“Capsized”and “She Found You”, released eight full-length albums and continue to play to passionate fans all over the world. Started by Jason Beebout (vocals) and Sergie Loobkoff (guitar) in 1988, the band’s current lineup also features longtime guitarist/vocalist Sean Kennerly as well as more recent additions of bassist Chad Darby and drummer Colin Brooks.They have refined their brand of post-hardcore/alternative/emo/indie rock over the years and are just as powerful now as they were during their heyday in the late nineties. If anything, they sound more relevant than ever before

Track listing:

  1. Lake Speed
  2. Crystallized
  3. Lights Out, Little Hustler
  4. Shoulda Stayed
  5. Shut Down
  6. Scout Knife
  7. Monterrey Canyon
  8. Natural Disasters
  9. Stanley
  10. Highwire
  11. Something
  12. Stowaway