Scout Pare-Phillips- Door Left Open

Scout Pare-Phillips- Door Left Open

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Label: Dais

Released 3/10/17

The second LP from the elusive Brooklyn-based chanteuse SCOUT PAPE-PHILLIPS. Crashing crescendos of guitar, autoharp, cello and keyboards, combined with acoustic and electronic percussion by longtime musical collaborator, Emil Bognar-Nasdor (DAWN OF HUMAS, ROSENKOPF), provide a lush backdrop befitting SCOUT’s torch songs, complimenting the rich timbre of her classically-trained voice. A photographer, filmmaker, model, songwriter and vocalist, SCOUT’s solo career evolved from her illustrious foundation as a trained opera singer as well as songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and backing balladeer for the Baltimore based, post-punk/country act, The STERLING SISTERS. The daughter of a Mississippi country singer, her contributions as vocalist and bass player helped to distinguish the SISTERS as tightly-woven, dark, surreal Americana. SCOUT’s array of musical talents were ready to be unleashed with a solo effort.

Track Listing:

  1. Door Left Open 3:30
  2. Fire 4:22
  3. Howl 4:01
  4. Another 2:58
  5. The Fall 4:05
  6. Wounded Son 2:35
  7. A Love This Hard 3:14
  8. Crying 2:58
  9. Pale Blue Dawn 2:23
  10. Stay 4:10