Sea Wolf- Through A Dark Wood

Sea Wolf- Through A Dark Wood

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Label: Dangerbird

Released 3/20/20

Much like IRON & WINE and similar indie outfits, SEA WOLF is the project name of a sole singer/songwriter who drafts in other musicians as the occasion warrants. That singer/songwriter is Alex Church, a California native who looks to local authors like John Steinbeck and Jack London(whose 1904 novel The Sea Wolf provided the band name) for inspiration. Born in the small former gold rush town of Columbia and raised by a musically inclined, peripatetic mother, Church attended the prestigious NYU film school, then settled in Los Angeles and formed the indie rock band Irving in 1998.

Track Listing:

  1. Forward
  2. Blood Pact
  3. Break It Down
  4. Forever Nevermore
  5. Fear of Failure
  6. Back to the Wind
  7. I Went Up, I Went Down
  8. Under The Spell Again
  9. Moving Colors
  10. Frank O’Hara
  11. Two of Us