Seahaven- Halo of Hurt
Seahaven- Halo of Hurt

Seahaven- Halo of Hurt

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Label: Pure Noise

Released 11/20/20

There was a time when it looked like Seahaven might never make music again. The sonic leap from 2011's cathartic, gritty debut LP Winter Forever to 2014's Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only - a wondrous sequence of nocturnal, fireside soundscapes - turned heads through the underground. But it left Torrance, California's foremost musical shape-shifters with an almost impossible act to follow. Shows became sporadic. Heading into 2020, it had been over half a decade since the quartet released it's previous album. Fans feared it was all over. For Seahaven themselves, it sometimes felt that way, too.

Track listing:

  1. Void
  2. Moon
  3. Dandelion
  4. I Don't Belong Here
  5. Lose
  6. Harbor
  7. Living Hell
  8. Bait
  9. Eraser