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Label: Mute

Released 8/10/18

SHADOWPARTY is a band united by a fairly unusual circumstance, each member is a latter-day addition to a huge band, and here they've combined as synthpop's answer to The Avengers. The nucleus of the group formed when Josh Hager and Tom Chapman met in Boston, Massachusetts. Hager is a former member of The RENTALS who currently plays guitar and keyboards in DEVO. Chapman is the former bass player of BAD LIEUTENANT who followed frontman Bernard Sumner to NEW ORDER in 2011 when the band reunited for a series of charity gigs. Completing the group are Phil Cunningham, MARION founding member and NEW ORDER's guitarist since 2002, and drummer Jeff Friedl, who plays with DEVO.

Track Listing:

  1. Celebrate 3:35
  2. Taking Over 4:48
  3. Reverse The Curse 4:34
  4. Marigold 4:34
  5. Sooner Or Later 5:02
  6. Present Tense 5:08
  7. Truth 3:22
  8. Vowel Movement 4:01
  9. The Valley 5:15
  10. Even So 3:59