Shannon Lay- August

Shannon Lay- August

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Label: Sub Pop

Released 8/23/19

There is an entire sub-genre of poetry devoted to rivers and their persistent, meditative flow. Emily Dickinson’s “My River Runs to Thee” compares them to the cycle of life, while Alfred Tennyson’s “The Brook” deems them eternal and Kathleen Raine’s “The River” muses on the dream-state they evoke. For transcendent folk-pop artist SHANNON LAY, the river is all of the above: It’s the metaphor driving her latest album, the exquisitely uplifting August, which doubles as an aural baptism renewing her purpose for making music. LAY may be the most chilled-out artist you’ll ever meet. Despite fronting her tranquil solo act and being a guitarist/singer in the indie-rock band FEELS, she never pressures herself to overachieve. Nonetheless, she regularly does: in a glowing review, Pitchfork anointed her last album, Living Water, “captivating.” With her life devoted to music, LAY often spends hours a day simply playing the guitar, challenging herself to become better.

Track Listing:

  1. Death Up Close
  2. Nowhere
  3. November
  4. Shuffling Stoned
  5. Past Time
  6. Wild
  7. August
  8. Sea Came to Shore
  9. Sunday Sundown
  10. Something on Your Mind
  11. Unconditional
  12. The Dream