Shannon Wright- Let in the Light

Shannon Wright- Let in the Light

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Label: Vicious Circle

Released 2018

French Import

Shannon Wright is an utterly distinctive songwriter coated in raw, indelible fury. All of Wright's albums are different in character with a consistent unflinching honesty, this somber honesty marks her music's timeless quality and her indispensable discography. Let In The Light is her most luminous album. FFO: Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Cat Power.

Track Listing:

  1. Defy This Love
  2.  St. Pete
  3.  You Baffle Me
  4.  Idle Hands
  5.  When The Light Shone Down
  6.  In The Morning
  7.  Steadfast And True
  8.  They'll Kill The Actor In The End
  9.  Louise
  10.  Everybody's Got Their Own Part To Play