Shovels & Rope- Busted Jukebox Volume 3

Shovels & Rope- Busted Jukebox Volume 3

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Label: Dualtone

Released 4/30/2021

Charleston Rock Duo Shovels & Rope continue their Busted Jukebox series where they join forces with their musical friends to cover classic songs in their own unique ways with Busted Jukebox Volume 3.  Known lovingly as Busted Juicebox, sees the duo covering a series of kid-friendly songs, such as “Tomorrow” from “Annie” featuring The War And Treaty, “You Are My Sunshine” featuring The Felice Brothers, and “What A Wonderful World” featuring John Paul White, along with some other classics like REM’s “Everybody Hurts” alongside T. Hardy Morris, and The Beach Boys’ “In My Room” featuring Sharon Van Etten.

Track listing:

  1. Hush Little Baby
  2. In My Room (Feat. Sharon Van Etten)
  3. What a Wonderful World (Feat. John Paul White)
  4. You Are My Sunshine (Feat. the Felice Brothers)
  5. Crybaby (Feat. Deer Tick)
  6. My Little Buckeroo (Feat. M. Ward)
  7. Everybody Hurts (Feat. T. Hardy Morris)
  8. Mother Earth and Father Time (Feat. the Secret Sisters)
  9. The Ants Go Marching (Feat. Shrimp Records Family Band)
  10. Tomorrow (Feat. the War and Treaty)