Silverfish- Fat Axl

Silverfish- Fat Axl

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Label: Beggars

Reissued 9/10/2021, Originally released 1990

Beggars Arkive is excited to announce a limited edition reissue of Silverfish's first full-length album, Fat Axl, originally released in 1990 by Beggars label Wiiija. Recorded in Sheffield by Steve Albini in just two days, the album's nine songs are unrestrained and uncommercial. It's been remastered yet still retains the raw 'lurch' appeal of the mighty Silverfish. Set for release on September 10th, this reissue is a limited edition, pressed on red splattered vinyl.

Track listing:

  1. Pink And Lovely 
  2. Fat Painted Carcass 
  3. Harry Butcher 
  4. Shit Out Of Luck 
  5. White Lines 
  6. Two Marines 
  7. Spoon 
  8. Baby Baby Baby 
  9. Ich Bin Ein-Schaften Träuser