Silverstein- Discovering The Waterfront

Silverstein- Discovering The Waterfront

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Label: Craft Recordings

Reissued 9/29/2023, Originally released 2005

Silverstein's second album, Discovering The Waterfront, features singles "Smile In Your Sleep" and their biggest hit to date, "My Heroine." The Top 40 Billboard 200 Album was originally released in 2005, and built off their explosive debut and added elements of punk rock. The fast-paced and hook-filled album saw the band achieve new levels of success, which cemented the band's position as leaders of the post hardcore/emo scene. The album returns to vinyl to celebrate its 18th anniversary.

Track listing:

  1. Your Sword Versus My Dagger
  2. Smile in Your Sleep
  3. The Ides of March
  4. Fist Wrapped in Blood
  5. Discovering the Waterfront
  6. Defend You
  7. My Heroine
  8. Always and Never
  9. Already Dead
  10. Three Hours Back
  11. Call It Karma