Sleaford Mods- All That Glue

Sleaford Mods- All That Glue

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Label: Rough Trade

Released 5/15/20

In six short years Sleaford Mods have become one of the most confounding British pop stories. One of its best. Their music is drawn at a flawless fault-line of anger, tenderness and humor, a triumvirate of raw energy which frequently jostles in the space of a cadence for supremacy. On record you can hear their sinews, live you can touch their veins. If you want a taste of the start of their journey, there is little more visceral reminder of their candidacy for chart success than the decision to name their debut album, Wank. Yet here we are. As the incendiary frontman and mouthpiece of Sleaford Mods, it is Jason Williamson’s job – his vocation, even – to mentally notate the specific turns of British society and transpose them with the strong arm of pop music. To spit on its shoes and polish them up nice. To glare in its face and document its smallest details. Give Jason a Motorik riff and he’ll handsomely reward you with clenched fists, to knock you back with the sour taste of Britain in a nutshell. Sleaford Mods are the only band in Britain you could comfortably stick in front of any crowd and count upon mass conversion. They are a brute live force, tenderized and pockmarked by the humor of beatmaker Andrew Fearn’s finger-tapping ennui and Ja-son’s idiosyncratic showmanship. There’s something immensely relatable about Sleaford Mods and the energy they exude.‘The experience of the factory floor is a global, international experience,’ Williamson says. ‘Anyone that has experienced minimum wage work, no options, no prospects, just crap, understands it. That’s everyone, isn’t it? That message travels even though the lyr-ics aren’t perhaps immediately relatable. The energy that comes off it connects with people.’ In 2020, Sleaford Mods are taking full stock of their astonishing rise, playing sold out shows in the US and around the globe, (including a Coachella appearance), and releasing a career-spanning double album retrospective, titled All That Glue.

Track Listing:

  1. McFlurry
  2. Snake It
  3. Fizzy
  4. Rich List
  5. Jobseeker
  6. Jolly Fucker
  7. Routine Dean
  8. Tied Up in Nottz
  9. Big Dream
  10. Blog Maggot
  11. Tweet Tweet Tweet
  12. Tarantula Deadly Cargo
  13. Fat Tax
  14. Slow One’s Bothered
  15. Revenue
  16. Rochester
  17. TCR
  18. Reef of Grief
  19. B.H.S.
  20. Second
  21. OBCT
  22. When You Come Up to Me