Slipknot- Live At MSG, 2009
Slipknot- Live At MSG, 2009

Slipknot- Live At MSG, 2009

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Label: Roadrunner

Released 8/18/2023

Slipknot has always bent the world to its own collective will.  One of countless examples occurred on February 5, 2009, when the band did what few could have predicted when they’d started: Slipknot headlined the World’s Greatest Arena, Madison Square Garden.  The band’s MSG set is now the stuff of legend, being on the heels of the band’s first Number One album in the US (All Hope Is Gone), and only months before they would headline the UK’s Download Festival for the first time.  The New York City show was eight months and nine countries into the All Hope Is Gone World Tour, and as such their performance was ruthless and jaw-dropping, and a perfect document of the era for the band.  On August 18, the concert will be made available for the first time ever on vinyl to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Slipknot's fourth album, 2008's chart-topping and influential All Hope Is Gone. The release will feature new art by the band's M. Shawn (clown) Crahan.

Track listing:

  1. (Sic)
  2. Eyeless
  3. Wait and Bleed
  4. Get This
  5. Before I Forget
  6. The Blister Exists
  7. Dead Memories
  8. Left Behind
  9. Disasterpiece
  10. Purity
  11. Everything Ends
  12. Psychosocial
  13. Duality
  14. People = S#I+
  15. Surfacing
  16. Spit It Out