Social Distortion- Poshboy's Little Monster

Social Distortion- Poshboy's Little Monster

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Label: Radiation Roots

Reissued 6/7/19

Spanish Import

Black vinyl version on Radiation Reissues. Formed in Fullerton, CA in 1978, SOCIAL DISTORTION were one of the original LA punk groups and their first single was released on legendary LA punk label Posh Boy. But far more rare than that first single ("Mainliner" b/w "Playpen") is the unreleased EP Poshboy's Little Monsters. This EP only made it to the test pressing stage back in 1981, and featured those two tracks from the first single along with "All The Answers" and "Justice For All". This is the absolute holy grail for SOCIAL DISTORTION fans and it's finally available in commercial form. Includes two bonus tracks.

Track Listing:

Side 1
  1. Playpen
  2. All the Answers
  3. 1945
Side 2
  1. Justice for All
  2. Mainliner
  3. Moral Threat