Soft Kill- Canary Yellow
Soft Kill- Canary Yellow
Soft Kill- Canary Yellow
Soft Kill- Canary Yellow

Soft Kill- Canary Yellow

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Label Cercle Social

Released 12/16/2022

"If you are familiar with Soft Kill, you are familiar with Canary Yellow. At this point, the band’s biennial batches of ten-ish gothic-tinged post punk tracks form more of a visit from a reliable friend than a demonstration of sonic progress and invention. You know what the new songs will sound like, and you know that these songs will be good. Perhaps the album will favour acoustic guitars slightly more than other releases (yep) and perhaps it will be better than its predecessor (nope). There is bound to be one standout track with a gorgeous climax (‘Congratulations Text’) that, in spite of its sheer quality, is somewhat frustrating as it shows Soft Kill’s potential if only they embraced a more gazed-out approach across a full record. Regardless, Canary Yellow comes just in time to soundtrack the miserable month of November and, above all, functions as a nice reminder that there are still several subtly catchy riffs and heartwarming vocal melodies left in the band. See you in two years, my friend, and feel free to wear a different shirt next time (don’t sweat it, though)."—Sputnik Music.

Track listing:

  1. Joey
  2. Cracked Candles
  3. Magic Garden
  4. Rocks & Blows
  5. Dibs
  6. The Line
  7. Congratulations Text
  8. Cicero
  9. Domino
  10. Lake Shore Drive