Sorrow - Under the Yew Possessed

Sorrow - Under the Yew Possessed

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Label: Night School

Released 2018

Sorrow is an English-based band that is the brain child of Rose McDowall, once known as one half of the '80s pop duo, Strawberry Switchblade. Rose's first band was called The Poem, an experimental three piece based in her hometown of Glasgow. While still with The Poems, Rose also joined with Jill Bryson as Strawberry Switchblade. The Poems released one EP entitled Achieving Unity, but they broke up shortly after it's release, when Strawberry Switchblade began to gain popularity. Switchblade's top-five hit, "Since Yesterday," is featured on many '80s compilations, and still receives considerable club and radio play. Switchblade disbanded in 1986. Since 1985, Rose has worked with many other bands, including Current 93, Coil, Death In June, Felt, and Psychic TV. Through the years Rose has carried on working in a more experimental vein, and ultimately formed Sorrow, releasing their first LP, Under The Yew Possessed, in 1993. They have since produced: Sleep Now Forever (1999), Final Solstice (1999), and Let There Be Thorns (2001).

Track Listing:

  1. Die
  2. Forgive Me
  3. Songbird
  4. Dew Of The Sea
  5. Emptyness
  6. Ice And I
  7. Ruby Tears
  8. Darkness
  9. Loki And Evil
  10. Under The Yew Possessed