Soul Glo- Songs To Yeet At The Sun

Soul Glo- Songs To Yeet At The Sun

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Label: Secret Voice

Reissued 2/3/2023, Originally released 2020

Songs To Yeet At The Sun serves as a perfect respite from the silence in between LP's and the current lull in live performances that the band has become known for nationwide. The five song blessing gives a further insight into the frankly deranged production of bassist/producer Gianmarco Guerra, who served as the sole producer and one of three engineers for the record. Songs like "(Quietly) Do The Right Thing" and "29" continue to show Soul Glo's affinity for speed as a vehicle for their aggression and messages, while songs like "I'm On Probation" and the previously released "Mathed Up" shows the bands love of chaotic-yet-atmospheric noise and the most popular rhythmic vocal styles of today's current rap on top of the pummelling heaviness of the drums of TJ Stevenson.

Track listing:

  1. (Quietly) Do The Right Thing
  2. 29
  3. 2k
  4. Mathed Up
  5. I'm On Probabtion