Soulside- A Brief Moment In The Sun

Soulside- A Brief Moment In The Sun

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Label: Dischord

Released 2022

Soulside started writing the songs for "A Brief Moment In The Sun" in late 2020. By early 2021, they realized that there was something very special and passionate (and urgent) happening in these songs, and in November they met up for four days of in-person rehearsals in Brooklyn before heading down to Magpie Cage Studio in Baltimore to record the album with their old friend J. Robbins. In both the music and the lyrics, this new album picks up where Soulside left off years ago - but with zero nostalgia in the mix.

Track listing:

  1. Times Like These 
  2. Day 2 
  3. Every Clover 
  4. Reconstruction 
  5. Runner 
  6. Walker 
  7. Tambourine 
  8. 70s Heroes 
  9. Resolved 
  10. Rediscovery 
  11. Survival 
  12. It's All About Love