Soundwalk Collective & Jesse Paris Smith feat. Patti Smith- Killer Road

Soundwalk Collective & Jesse Paris Smith feat. Patti Smith- Killer Road

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Label: Sacred Bones

Released 9/2/16

A shimmering ambient tone, an electronic underlay to the lulling chatter of crickets, makes way for the unmistakable voice of PATTI SMITH, quietly intoning, ominously, "The killer road is waiting for you / like a finger, pointing in the night."Behind the music and concept of Killer Road is international trio SOUNDWALK COLLECTIVE- Stephan Crasneanscki, Simone Merli, and Kamran Sadeghi -  who, alongside PATTI SMITH's daughter, JESSE PARIS, conceived an immersive exploration of the tragic death of Christa Päffgen. Better known as NICO, the VELVET UNDERGROUND chanteuse and solo pioneer, Päffgen died while riding her bike on the island of Ibiza in the summer of 1988. Killer Road is an ambient soundscape and spoken word tribute to NICO - eight interpretations of her lyrics, predominantly taken from classic albums such as Desertshore and Drama of Exile, arranged by fellow poet and kindred spirit PATTI SMITH. Originally executed as a live performance piece with JESSE PARIS and SOUNDWALK COLLECIVE, Killer Road sees the light of day in album format for the first time.

Track Listing:

  1. Killer Road
  2. My Heart Is Empty
  3. Evening Of Light
  4. Saeta
  5. Secret Side  
  6. Fearfully In Danger (Live)
  7. I will Be Seven (Live)
  8. The Sphinx (Live)
  9. My Only Child