Stars- From Capelton Hill

Stars- From Capelton Hill

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Label: Last Gang

Released 5/27/2022

Stars return with the announcement of their new album From Capelton Hill. Their first installment is a two-song pack titled Pretenders/Snowy Owl, with focus single "Pretenders" showcasing their signature hook-heavy, dance-infused anthems that the band has been known for over 20+ years. Stars continue to prove themselves some of the finest musical storytellers in the country, moving through life with their fans.

Track listing:

  1. Palmistry
  2. Pretenders
  3. Patterns
  4. Back at the End
  5. That Girl
  6. Build a Fire
  7. Capelton Hill
  8. Hoping
  9. To Feel What They Feel
  10. If I Never See London Again
  11. I Need the Light
  12. Snowy Owl