Stephanie Lambring- Hypocrite
Stephanie Lambring- Hypocrite

Stephanie Lambring- Hypocrite

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Label: Almost Autonomous  

Released 4/19/2024

Hypocrite, the follow-up to Stephanie Lambring's critically acclaimed Autonomy, is a raw, honest, and introspective offering that embraces the ugly, uncomfortable, and imperfect complexity of a woman's existence. Stephanie says, "If my last record was, 'Here is my pain,' then Hypocrite is, 'Here is my shit.' I see myself in all these characters, for better or worse." NPR named "Joy of Jesus" their #28 of 100 Best Songs of 2020 and called Autonomy "a thematic tour de force" as a part of their No. 1 Best Albums and Songs of October 2020.

Track listing:

  1. Cover Girl
  2. Good Mother
  3. Purity Ring
  4. Jasper
  5. Mirror
  6. Hospital Parking
  7. Prayer
  8. Filler
  9. Two-Faced
  10. Confessional