Talk Talk- Laughing Stock

Talk Talk- Laughing Stock

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Label: Polydor

Reissued 2015, originally released 1991

Laughing Stock is the fifth and final studio album by Talk Talk. Released in 1991, it was the only album the band released on the jazz-based Verve Records, after acrimoniously leaving EMI. Virtually ignored upon it's initial release, Laughing Stock continues to grow in stature and influence by leaps and bounds. Picking up where Spirit of Eden left off, the album operates outside of the accepted sphere of rock to create music which is both delicate and intense; recorded with a large classical ensemble, it defies easy categorization, conforming to very few structural precedents. Like it's predecessor, Spirit of Eden, the album featured improvised instrumentation from a large ensemble of musicians, including as many as seven violists on occasion, and the lyrical themes are often religious.

Track Listing:

  1. Myrrhman (Side A)
  2. Ascension Day (Side A)
  3. After the Flood (Side A)
  4. Taphead (Side B)
  5. New Grass (Side B)
  6. Runeii (Side B)